Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday five

The last few days have been bittersweet. Sad because a handful of friends moved away on Saturday and Sunday--Kate and Vinny to Vermont, Lauren R. (now Lauren W.) to Nebraska, Wendi to Washington and Emily aka Zizza aka EZ to TBD in the N.C. mountains. Sweet because I got to spend at least some time with all of them last week--not necessarily as much as I would have liked!

For a while it was looking like Morgan and Brian would be moving too, but it turned out they'll be staying here for at least the next year, so in the context of all these leavers, helping them move just across town yesterday felt like a small victory.

Lauren W.'s wedding and reception were SO much fun! She was a gorgeous bride, and I loved the ceremony. It was more elaborate than mine and Matt's but the spirit and flow of it reminded me of our wedding. We had a great time at the reception too. By the time it was over (11 p.m.) we were ready to crash. I woke up to pee (of course) around 2 a.m., realized that a lot of people who hadn't gone straight home from the reception were probably still out, and felt old. Whatever, I guess I am. I'd feel weird being in a bar right now anyway.I stole these pictures from Betsy, who was in town for Lauren's wedding -- nice! We got to catch up Thursday night and then some more at the wedding. We miss you, Betsy.

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Melody said...

Great pictures of everything.. Love the baby belly!