Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Five more minutes

Blogging doesn't seem so impossible to squeeze in if I limit myself to five minutes per post. So maybe I'll try that for a while.

Kate is, as you know, abandoning me for grad school in Vermont. Her last day in North Carolina is Sunday (Lauren R. is also out of here -- moving to Omaha, Neb. -- right after her wedding this weekend. Double whammy). Awhile ago Kate bought a punch card to the fitness center so she could use the pool, but I guess the move date snuck up on her and she found herself with more remaining punches than days. Luckily, she's allowed to share. So this morning we went to a Yoga Tone class.

When we got there we were informed that the teacher was out so the class would be Muscle Conditioning instead. I figured it would be like Body Pump. It was, kind of, but I haven't done any weights at all for months. It was a humiliating, wretched hour, and the pain I'm now experiencing when I walk has nothing to do with my SI joint. Kate is a machine so it did make me feel a little better that she thought it was hard too.

Time's up. That went really fast.


Anonymous said...

Recently I've started to use the word "wretched" more. I'm glad to see you used it to... but sorry that you had a reason to! :)

Kaitlin said...

The opening line made me laugh. Think of it this way, you have a place to visit!!

By the grace of God, I'm sure, I'm sore only if I were to move my arms in the same way as yesterday. But, yes, that hour was horrible!! I have never felt so incredibly out of shape. You can bet I'll be making use of the gym at UVM. =)

Thanks for coming with me.