Friday, May 8, 2009

Special thanks to Gloria Villanti

Kate and I just got back from Amanda's house, where Kate and Bri were formally introduced. Bri was on her best behavior, complete with her trademark squeaks, and she smelled like a big bowl of deliciousness.

I seriously cannot believe that Kate and Vinny will be moving in only five weeks! (They're going to spend the summer in New York and road tripping before starting grad school at the University of Vermont in the fall. Which means Burlington is solidly on our list of places to visit in the next two years.) Kate can't get out of here fast enough because she hates the heat of Southern summers, but I'm going to coerce her into running with me at least a couple more times before they leave.

Last weekend they hosted a brunch bundling celebrations of their recent birthdays, their UVM acceptances and their fast-approaching move (again, not something I'm inclined to celebrate). They put together an amazing spread of Vinny's secret-recipe pancakes, French toast, bacon, banana bread, muffins, fresh fruit, mimosas and good strong coffee. Best of all, we got to enjoy it on their huge screened porch.

A sure sign of a successful party is when you look at your watch for the first time and four hours have passed.REALLY best of all, after brunch Vinny shared his secret pancake recipe with me! This is something I've coveted for a couple of years now and didn't think I'd ever get my hands on.

One morning soon after Kate and I met, we went for a morning run and Matt and Vinny joined us afterward for breakfast at the Pinehurst Track Restaurant. I am obsessed with the Track's pancakes, so when Kate and Vinny agreed that they were good but not as good as Vinny's own, the recipe lust began.

Thank you so much for sharing, Vinny! I promise to never divulge the recipe and to always give you and your grandmother full credit.


Ally said...

What an excellent parting gift! And your brunch sounds delicious. I think brunch is the best meal of all.

Kaitlin said...

Such a sweet post. Thanks. =) We'll definitely go running. Oh, and I forgot how the pancake lust began. So long ago. Visit us in Burlington and we'll always have brunch!