Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend update

I am crazy about this weather! Yesterday after a round of March Madness Matt and I went to the reservoir in search of this old fitness trail we both vaguely remembered from our childhoods. I think it was built and maintained by the college, but its starting point was just up a hill from the lake. We thought if it still existed it would be a convenient place to do core work after a run.

A pull-up bar was actually the main thing we were looking for since you can do push-ups, ab work, air squats, etc. anywhere. We finally found the trail, but it obviously was abandoned long ago. About half of the 20 stations were in terrible shape and the rest (including the pull-up station) were nowhere to be found. That was disappointing, but it was still fun wandering around in the woods.

Saturday morning Melissa had a baby shower and I have to say, it was nice this time to be part of the crowd instead of the guest of honor! It seems like Noah really could arrive any day now. Originally Mel's due date was a week before Amanda's, but it keeps getting bumped up and I won't be surprised if he's born this week.

She said Thursday night (while sitting in our living room having contractions and trying to decide whether to go to the hospital), "it's labor, but it's not hard labor." I have a feeling I'll be at the hospital at the first sign of ANY kind of labor, but this is baby No. 4 for her so she knows what to expect.

After the shower Matt and I watched some basketball and then went to Stephen's for a party celebrating the fact that our friends Brooke and Johnathan are moving back to town! All the usuals were there, except for Jacob and Carrie and Riley, who were at the beach for the weekend. It was a really fun night.

I cheered for Duke because I have them going to the Final Four (because I want them to play Carolina again) but Matt was so stressed out by the close game that I don't think he appreciated or even noticed the gesture.

I was sitting pretty at the top of our pool after the first day, but then, one by one, almost every ACC team fell through for me (Clemson, Wake, Florida State, Boston College) and now I'm somewhere in the middle of the pack. I will never win one of these things -- or if I do, my earnings won't cover all my previous and future losses -- but just being part of a pool makes March Madness SO much fun.

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Brooke said...

I made it in your blog... whoo hoo! :) I had a great time too!