Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekend update

A Thursday weekend update -- nice. Well, c'est la vie. It's hard to make time for blogging when there are so many other demands on my time, such as filling out an improbably perfect March Madness bracket*, writing a gazillion thank-you notes, and working extra-fast so I can enjoy a nice long run at the reservoir every beautiful, sunny afternoon. (I'm also woefully behind on emails and would like to offer a blanket apology to everyone I owe.)

Saturday Amanda and I had a big joint baby shower thrown by a handful of Mom and Granny's BFFs, namely Renee, Joy, Gail and Catherine. It was held in the fellowship hall of the church we grew up in, and other than lots of relatives, most of the attendees were women who have known us for most of our lives.
(Dad didn't actually attend the shower, but after it was over he stopped by on his way to the Old-Time Fiddler's Convention, where he won first place in the piano category!)

We opened gifts side-by-side for two solid hours and it was SO great to share the center of attention! All showers should be joint. Amanda, let's be sure to time all future pregnancies together. Seriously, I can say with confidence that Brianna and Claire will not lack for diapers, dolls, books, rattles, stuffed animals, linens or love. Also, it appears they will be much more well-dressed than their mamas.

After the shower, I went home to drop off the gifts and pick up Matt at half-time of the Duke game in the ACC tournament. We went to Amanda and Stephen's, where he and Stephen watched the second half while Amanda and I went to pick up pizzas to sustain us through the much-anticipated movie marathon!

That's right, we watched movies for almost 12 straight hours: "The Departed" (Matt's pick), "Love Actually" (Amanda's), "We Were Soldiers" (Stephen's) and "Steel Magnolias" (mine). (I have seen "Steel Magnolias" multiple times, but Matt and Stephen had never seen it and would probably never sit through it in ordinary circumstances. I thought it would be good for Matt to understand why I walk around saying "Her colors are pink and pink" and "In a good shoe I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good I buy a size eight" and I seized my opportunity.)

Amanda and Stephen have the coziest living room ever for a movie marathon -- huge, plush couches that rock and recline, a huge, plush rug, a big-screen TV and easy access to the kitchen and the bathroom. After three movies it was around 1:30 a.m. and we were starting to falter so we paused to make popcorn, finish the pizza and drink yet more Coke. It worked! Second winds totally kicked in and by the time we got home (around 4:30 a.m.) I felt wide awake -- but I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow.

*P.S. Here's the answer sheet:


Kaitlin said...

you look adorable!!! i want to come over and see all of that baby stuff. =)

Ally said...

A joint shower sounds like such a good idea. I've always thought having everyone stare at me open gifts for an hour would not be fun but sharing it would be much better.

And you do look so pretty. Glad you're still running!

Jonsey said...

Hey Jennifer! I found your blog from Facebook. Good stuff. :)