Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saved by the hanger

A few minutes ago Matt accidentally dropped his keys through a permanently sealed sewer grate onto the ground about six feet below. It's located right behind the spot where I usually park at work, so I'm surprised I've never done it myself.

Thanks to a load of dry cleaning I finally remembered yesterday, I had a wire hanger in my trunk, from which Matt and Jacob formed a keyring-retrieval device. It worked like magic and the whole episode was quite a lot of fun to observe but did I have my camera? Of course not.


Matt's dad spends more and more of his time in the Caribbean since retiring, and why not? Lately he's in a Turks and Caicos phase, and his typical routine lately is to be there for a month or two, then come back to the States for a few weeks, then head out again. He's flying out again next Monday and we found out a couple of days ago that we (Jacob, Carrie, Riley, Stephen, Matt and I) get to go with him for the first week of this trip. The place we're staying looks AMAZING.

Since the trip was a last-minute deal, Jacob and Carrie had to scramble to get passports for Carrie (whose passport still had her maiden name on it) and Riley. I didn't even know babies needed passports, but they do.

Check this out. If you're thinking it's the cutest photo on any passport in the world, you are correct:



Amanda said...

Totally cute!! Listen to this - remember how Stephen locked our keys in the car the other day? Last night we had to go get my car from being inspected. We drove all the way out to Pinehurst Toyota and as soon as we pulled in, he realized he didn't bring his key to my car. And they lock the cars after inspections. He is become more prone to those types of accidents! So while I feel bad for Matt (and Stephen), it's always such a relief for those types of situations to happen to people like them.

I'm in love with that picture!

Kaitlin said...

goodness, that kid can't get any cuter!!

Lauren Greaves said...

oh my gosh that picture is out of control. I LOVE IT!