Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm cold

Today started off with a bang when our electricity went out at 8 a.m. Only our street was affected -- apparently a transformer blew. Luckily, I was already out of the shower so hot water wasn't an issue, but I hadn't dried my hair yet and THAT was unfortunate since it was 13 degrees outside. I was meeting Kate for coffee in Southern Pines so I just took my blowdryer with me and stopped by the office to dry my hair there first.

I finally got to use part of a gift certificate I got to Java Bean Plantation a couple of months ago. I've been saving it for coffee with Kate but it had been forever since our scheduling stars aligned. When I was paying I pulled my frequent-customer card from the Rolodex by the cash register to punch it and saw that someone had written on it "Drink this coffee for time! CrossFit rules" or something to that effect. It was pretty funny. I don't know who did it but if I had one guess it would be Wendi.

Also, partly because it's been such a slow work day and partly because I do love the idea of it, I've decided to give the latest blog another go. My strategy for not getting overwhelmed is to try to take a picture every day but not necessarily update that blog daily -- I'll catch up when I have time. Hopefully I won't get too far behind.

That's all for today. We have a fun night ahead of us, but I won't give details now, on the off-chance that people I don't think read this blog in fact do. Happy weekend to everyone!

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