Thursday, January 15, 2009

All over the place

I don't know when I became such a loser blogger. Actually, I think what put me over the edge is that I started yet another blog (inspired by Kate's new one) and even though it was fun I'm going to drop it because three active blogs is too many for me to keep up with well. Especially since the newest one required daily attention. Too bad, because I loved the idea. Click here to see the short-lived venture.

Last Friday and Saturday Amanda and I went to Charlotte to visit Lib and Jorge and their new baby, Ruthie! It was wonderful. I can't claim that Amanda and I were very helpful, but we sure enjoyed passing Ruthie back and forth between us for hours on end. Lib and Jorge were in great spirits, not even that sleep-deprived, and already incredibly adept at handling a newborn. I am so, so glad I have so many friends doing the parenting thing slightly ahead of me -- because I'm going to have A LOT of questions. (Amanda has a few more pictures from the visit here.)

Speaking of babies, we get to find out our baby's sex on Feb. 10 ... I can't wait!

Other than that not a whole lot's been happening. Stephen and Bill moved into Stephen's new house Saturday (I got out of helping since I was still in Charlotte) and that means the house they've been living in for four years is ready for new renters. It's actually already been rented to a couple who took it sight-unseen and are moving in at the end of the month, but it definitely needed a ... facelift.

Matt, Jacob, Carrie, Stephen, Terry and I spent two days this week scrubbing and painting it. Luckily, the carpet's being replaced today so we didn't have to be careful with the paint -- that makes things a lot easier. It's also getting some updated fixtures, a new stove, a good pressure washing and some landscaping work.

Bill, who acknowledges that he and Stephen quit cleaning the house about a year ago, couldn't help because he has a "real" job, but he did thank us in a blog post. (The only reason he mentions me by name is that I reminded him about five times yesterday that I cleaned his bathroom. Carrie really deserves more credit -- she cleaned the kitchen -- and believe it or not, that was more repulsive than the bathroom.)

Then yesterday all the same people except Carrie, who got to be a mom instead, dressed like we were skiing and laid sod at the new house ALL day. It felt like slow going but we unloaded 15 pallets (I think) and finished the whole thing -- front and back yards. It looks great. Guess what, this month I've made the most money from writing and editing that I ever have (freelance, anyway). Before you get too excited, I should add that as monthly income for full-time work, it's not so hot -- right at minimum wage. Luckily, I didn't work nearly full-time to earn it. Unluckily, I had NO real estate income this month to supplement it. Still, maybe it's a sign of good things to come, freelance-wise.


Gail said...

I hate to see your new blog come to an end. I love it. It has ALMOST inspired me to start one. I think I could do the photo thing.
I am looking forward to Feb. 10, 2009!!!

Amanda said...

Funny - Project 365 is actually on my next 101 list, along with A Day in the Life (same concept, just lasts one day instead). We'll see if it makes it on the list when I get to that point in 2010 though!

I think I would have loved this blog.