Thursday, January 8, 2009

This made me smile

I just checked email for the first time today and found this note from the Carolina Panthers cheerleader I interviewed for the NFL cheerleaders article, which was published this month. It made my day:

"Hi there Jennifer! I hope you're doing well! I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you I LOVED YOUR ARTICLE! MY WHOLE TEAM DID! I went into practice last night and everyone was gathered around looking at something and when they saw me they said, 'This is an AWESOME article!' so you now have a lot of new TOPCAT fans! I did get to keep the copy and my family is going to make a trip to our local hometown Pilot to pick up a copy for everyone as well, haha! I just wanted to thank you again and congratulate you on such a fantastic job!

"Oh, and just an update: since that interview, I was named TopCat of the Year by my teammates meaning I will travel to Hawaii in February to represent our team at the Pro Bowl and coincidently, Tiffany was also chosen as the Redskinettes representative! Cool, huh? You did an article on two 2009 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders and we didn’t even know it! Not to mention, she and I have something to talk about as soon as we meet!

"Well, THANKS SO MUCH again and cross your fingers for our Carolina boys this weekend! Go Panthers!"

Lauren R., thanks again for putting me in touch with her!

While we're on the topic of the Panthers, here are the pictures of us at the Panthers-Broncos game with Morgan and Brian that I never posted. Notice how warm and well-fed we look.
(This is what Morgan -- a Broncos fan -- wanted to wear, but she chickened out and wore Panthers blue instead. :)


Ally said...

Fun way to start the day...and I sort of read her email like a cheer....with the caps and exclamation marks and whatnot.

Kaitlin said... who looks addicted to blogs on your sidebar links? haha. well, blogs and caffeine and running, could be worse. =)

great article, by the way!