Saturday, December 20, 2008

Uh ... another quickie

"Either that wallpaper goes or I do." (Oscar Wilde's last words, 1900) (according to Meg)

I've been chastised for promising to blog yesterday and then failing to ... I'm sorry. I had the best of intentions but as soon as I got to the office Friday I learned we'd be spending the rest of the day tearing wallpaper (infuriating one-inch strip by one-inch strip) from the kitchen and bathrooms of a rental house. The best thing I can say about it is it made me newly grateful that I don't have a tedious, menial, mind-numbing job. Wallpaper has got to be the worst idea ever. We went back over there for a while this afternoon, and Terry figured out that straight acetone worked pretty well on the glue, but the fumes were killer and probably baby-damaging so I stayed away from where she was. Oh, I hate wallpaper.

Dad blogged today about two of the Christmas parties we've had this week. (Amanda also posted some pictures and her highly demanded wassail recipe.) Christmas has gotten so much easier since our family agreed to stop exchanging gifts, except for the kids. The adults pick charities to be donated to in their honor, which may be a lazy way out, but none of us needs anything or loves Christmas shopping, so it works for us.

I read about a similar idea I like a lot, too: Around Thanksgiving, choose a dollar amount, say $25, and draw names, and whoever you draw you have to give away the $25 in a way they would appreciate (e.g. you could donate to a no-kill animal shelter for a dog lover, etc.). I like that idea because it serves essentially the same purpose but requires more thought and allows for more creativity.

I've made the same fruit dip for several Christmas parties lately and a few people have asked me for the recipe. It's actually Sallie's recipe and I LOVE it, and it's simple to make: Just combine softened cream cheese and brown sugar to taste. It improves all fruits.


Sallie said...

and a little vanilla :)

jennifer said...

Seriously, I've been making it wrong all this time? Oops!! Well, it's good either way. :)

Amanda said...

The $25 thing is almost what we did last year. We've tried something new besides gifts with Stephen's family the last 3 years to see what we like the most. Last year we drew two names and had to give $20 in the most creative way possible. That was HILARIOUS! And it balanced out so you didn't lose any money, it was just for fun. I like the idea of spending it on something the person would like though.

Oh, and either way, the fruit dip is delicious!

Gail said...

Jeff was so impressed with your fruit dip. I had to buy an apple slicer/corer (like yours) and stuff to make the dip. I am going to fix it Christmas. Thanks for a wonderful time!

Ally said...

I think that recipe is what my friend makes except she adds crunched up Heath bars. Gotta love a recipe that is so simple.

Merry Christmas!

Libba Lemon said...

Why did I think your fruit dip had pumpkin in it???