Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry belated Christmas!

Happy day-after-Christmas to everyone! I can't believe how slack I've been about posting, but the last week has been so busy. Between tearing off that wretched wallpaper, then sanding and Kilzing the walls, last-minute (of course) shopping and wrapping, lots of Christmas get-togethers and an overload of editing work, I haven't had time to think about much else.

We had a great Christmas that started out with breakfast with Charlie and Liz, our great family friends (Mom and Dad's BFFs who now live in Kentucky), who are staying with us this week. Then Matt and I exchanged gifts. He gave me an upgraded fleece (I live in mine and after about six years it's looking pretty ragged) and I gave him a thing that lets him play his iPod through the receiver. He said I can check No. 53 off my list.

At lunchtime we went over to Matt's mom's house for finger foods and gifts and, most importantly, Riley time. As usual we received WAY too much but none of us got as much as Riley. :) I have to brag on what Matt and I gave her. SO CUTE. There were a couple of others, but some of the pregnant readers of this blog will be receiving them soon, so I won't ruin the surprise by posting pictures of them yet. (If you are one of those pregnant readers, DO NOT go to my Etsy site before the next time I see you! And I know you're not pregnant but that goes for you too, Lauren G.!)

I searched and searched for really fun, unique onesies to give as Christmas presents/baby shower gifts and didn't have much luck so Matt and I decided to make our own. We spent a good chunk of Christmas Eve designing and making these and it was so much fun. They might not seem that awesome if you don't know Jacob and Carrie, but Jacob's obsessed with fantasy football (and had a really good year this year), he's a huge Panthers fan (and Riley Cat is Riley's nickname), and both Carrie and Jacob could eat Jersey Mike's subs every day of the week.

We spent the afternoon at Terry and Dan's and just as we were leaving I started to feel sick. We needed to go straight to Granny's to have Christmas with our family, but I lay down for a few minutes first to see if I would feel better. I called them to say we'd be there but a little late and not to wait on us to start eating (nothing ever starts on time with our family anyway).

Five minutes later I started throwing up and Matt called back to say we wouldn't be coming after all. I was sick for about six hours but then I slept all night and this morning I feel not quite 100 percent, but better. Thank goodness, because if I were the only person in the world to experience sudden-onset second-trimester "morning" sickness, that would not even be funny. I think it was just something I ate.

Now I have a big platter of deviled eggs that aren't going to be eaten before we leave for Atlanta tomorrow. Any takers?

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Ally said...

Merry Christmas!!

Those onesies look/sound like really thoughtful gifts plus I think babies in onesies are some of the cutest things ever.

Glad you're feeling all better.