Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Other than deviled eggs, very little productivity here

I swore I would get cracking on this alcoholism story today. It's only 1,000 words and shouldn't take me two hours! Instead I have:

1. Drunk a pot of coffee
2. Introduced Matt to cream of wheat (he liked it)
3. Made three-dozen deviled eggs for tomorrow
4. Thoroughly cleaned the whole house
5. Folded and put up four loads of laundry
6. Finished reading "The Corrections"
7. Checked Facebook and Google Reader too often
8. Had a longish, highly entertaining conversation with Amanda
9. Written a query to NC Signature Magazine (Yay! Productivity!)
10. Taken a shower
11. Painted my toenails
12. Created a Word document and written: "Alcoholism, By Jennifer Kirby"
13. Made two new playlists in iTunes
14. Updated my iPod
15. Unloaded the dishwasher
16. Gotten my inbox down to 14 messages
17. Typed this while ignoring the ring of my cell phone in another room ... twice now

I don't know what to say. It feels like a holiday. I tried to convince Matt that today and Friday are legal holidays, but he emailed me an article from The Pilot saying that many local businesses are open today and Friday. So he's at work right now. Each to his own reality.

Speaking of Matt, he just called to say we're going to dinner tonight with some favorite peeps, including Carrie and Jacob, who are getting a babysitter for the second night in a week! Eager babysitters who refuse to accept payment appear to be a huuuge perk of living in the same town as lots of your family. (Another perk is no required travel for holidays.)

I hope this weekend we get to see some of the "Matt's guys" crowd in either Greensboro or Raleigh. There was talk of the guys going to a football game while Todd's mom gave the girls a tutorial on her to-die-for Italian meatballs. Guys are in charge of the planning, so we'll see whether it pans out.

I made an awesome discovery yesterday: Express now FINALLY has online ordering! It has driven me crazy for years that they didn't have an online store. Express pants are the only work pants I've ever found that fit me perfectly, are long enough for me to wear with heels and have consistent sizing. Plus you can get away with machine washing them. I got a coupon in the mail yesterday and normally I just throw them away because we don't have an Express here but yesterday I noticed that for the first time it said "Good for in-store or online purchases." Excitement! I checked out the site but didn't buy anything because I don't need anything and right before Christmas is the worst time to buy something you just want.

Just in case I don't get around to blogging tomorrow ... Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Riley pictures of the day


Ally said...

I cannot wear Express pants. They cling to my thighs too much--which I thought was b/c I run and my legs build muscle so yours not?

Anyway, sounds like a fairly productive day! I've only worked about 4 hours so's just not right to work at all this week:)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Libba Lemon said...

That picture is a repeat! (Nov. 13th) I demand a new one :)

jennifer said...

Thank you, eagle-eyed Lib! The situation has been corrected.

Ally - their "stretch" Editor pants are too clingy for me (plus they don't come in Long), but the regular Editor pants are perfect. Something about them falls really well. I don't build much muscle anywhere except my butt, unfortunately.

Amanda said...

#1 - I wish I could have tasted some of your deviled eggs while I was at mom's - your picture looks tasty. But I'm making mine tonight so that will have to do.

#2 - you wouldn't believe me if I told you what I've done alllll day. Work drags on days like this! If I was salaried, I'd be home painting my toenails and ignoring the phone too!

r8chel said...

Quite some time ago, I spent a couple bucks on a used copy of "The Corrections"... but I haven't read it yet. Do you recommend it?

Katie said...

The nail polish is "suzi says da" by OPI! It's one of my favorites! Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

jennifer said...

Amanda - those deviled eggs actually aren't mine (I snagged the picture from Flickr). But mine did look basically like that, so thanks!

Rachel - I thought "The Corrections" was a pretty good read. In parts it rambled and I just skipped those parts and don't think I missed anything important. I was still thinking about the characters a couple of days after finishing it. Overall, definitely worth a couple of bucks, which is also what I spent on it.

Katie - Thanks! I think I'll look for that when I go for my birthday-gift-card pedicure!