Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fat and happy

I hope everyone's had a great Thanksgiving break! We've had a perfect few days. Thanksgiving was busy and full in all the best ways (excluding the way my stomach felt mid-afternoon). Per tradition, Matt and I started out with my family's lunch at the church fellowship hall. There was a smaller crowd this year but the quantity of food was undiminished. (What does it say about a family's communication skills when there are four pumpkin pies on the dessert table?) I went from starving to stuffed silly in about 10 minutes flat.

After a couple of hours there, we went to Matt's mom's house for Round 2. Since I was already full, I held Riley while everyone else ate. Then we all crowded into the most comfortable chairs and couches in the world to digest and doze and watch football.

Yesterday Matt and I did NOT participate in Black Friday but we did buy our Christmas tree and get it situated in its stand. That's as far as we got with decorating because we went to Greensboro for dinner with Todd's family. On the menu: amazing lasagna and Todd's mom's famous meatballs-and-sausage sauce. YUM. Sallie and Steven came over afterward and we nibbled at leftover desserts the rest of the night. I am not stepping on a scale anytime soon.

We drove back home late last night instead of spending the night because the plan was for the guys to go to the State game in Raleigh today, but long story short Todd came here to play golf instead. (He brought us meatballs.) And then because it was cold and rainy they went to an indoor golfing place rather than an actual golf course. They said it was more fun than you might think. I've always had a bad impression of that place because its sign used to read "The only indoor golf facility of it's kind," but I'm happy to see they've removed the extra apostrophe, at least on their website -- I can't speak for the sign.

This evening we finished decorating the tree. I think this is the earliest we've ever done the tree thing. (Actually, scratch that -- the blog proves me wrong.) I will never pull out the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but I do like getting a full month's worth of enjoyment out of the tree. It smells so good and it just makes me happy to pull up to a mostly dark house with Christmas lights shining through the windows.

I am out of Riley pictures! When I get a new batch I will resume the daily pictures ...

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Ally said...

I need to get my tree too, but it's pouring rain here....Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

p.s. I can't believe you're out of Riley photos!