Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Decking the halls

As planned, we got our Christmas tree tonight.

We were having trouble getting it to stay straight and eventually we realized it was too heavy for the tree stand.

I proposed piling the heaviest thing I could think of (our cast-iron pans, because Stephen has Matt's weights) on one of the tree-stand legs. It didn't work.

Matt proposed nixing the pans and sticking books under a couple of the legs. That worked a whole lot better. Times like this I know that engineering degree was not for nothing.

Right after the books epiphany, Matt poured us each a glass of wine -- the same amount in each glass and he wasn't even trying. My husband is brilliant.

And right after that, he realized our tree truck had split nearly all the way up. Why? I don't know. Is this condition fatal? I don't know. We might wake up tomorrow and find it dead.

Matt pulled out a heavy-duty flashlight and investigated the situation. "It's like I'm a tree doctor," he noted.

Here is our tree skirt. We bought it at the same time as our $2 tree-topper star. It is made of green felt. Me: "We have the absolute ugliest tree skirt in the entire world, and I'm not even exaggerating." Matt: "Agreed." We decided to do something about it next year.

These pictures do not capture the sparkle of our star's elegant puff paint.

Amanda taught me how to use my camera's self-timer. A whole new world!

Merry Christmas in November!


Gail said...

I think it is a very pretty tree and who sees the tree skirt after you put presents under the tree. Tell Amanda I need her help. All of our family pictures are always missing one person - me. I don't like having my picture taken but I am part of the family.

Amanda said...

I think we have the same tree skirt in red. We have some beautiful tree skirts in great condition at our Skyline Thrift Store! Gail, if you come by work sometime with your camera I'll try to figure it out. I got lucky with Jenn's because we have the same camera, I'm not really that technological.

Libba Lemon said...

Love the improv, love the pics!