Sunday, April 20, 2008

Matt's guys ...

It's been forever since we got together with our college peeps! (Note: It's Lauren G.'s fault I just said "peeps.")

Anyway, this is the group that I usually refer to as "Matt's guys," but I like to think that it all started with Maegan and me. :) Maegan and I lived in the same dorm as freshmen and bonded, oh, pretty much as soon as we met, the first week of college, only partly because both of us had a boyfriend at State -- where they also happened to live in the same dorm. The first chance we got we introduced them and their friends/suitemates and since then we have all had a lot of good times. The only really core member of the group who couldn't come last night was Todd, because he lives in DC (with most of the rest of the Outer Banks group).

It feels wrong to call this group Matt's guys because I love all the girls that have married into it! And now ... all the babies that have joined them! I think this is the first time we've had all the kids around for a get-together. Caroline is 2 and the other three are under 13 months. They definitely make our group a lot more photogenic.

Sallie, Steven and Sadie -- no stranger to this blog. They came into town a little early yesterday so Sallie and I could go to the Pinehurst Spa, blowing a gift certificate and then some that she won at Steven's company thing in January. (My nails are a great OPI color called "To Eros Is Human.")

Matt's pretty much a sucker for Sadie.

Maegan and Lee. Emma, who's also been prominently displayed here, was already asleep at family portrait time. But if you want to know what she looks like, see Lee.

Brandon and Stacey have been married the longest of all of us -- since right after graduation. Caroline is 2 and hilarious. She likes to be read to, mimics everything she overhears, and has a crush on John.

Scott and Katie. She is the only woman for him, no doubt. I think all of us can vouch for that. They didn't meet until after college, but these days she tells us Classic Scott stories, not the other way around. Also, she makes the best fruit dip ever.

John and Nicole with Madison. John has probably the coolest job of us all (golf pro). Fun fact: Madison was born in Atlanta, two days after they moved there. Now they live in Cary. Nicole = Saint.


The boys.

The girls.

Everyone (except Emma).

This picture just makes me laugh.

And this makes me smile.

Sadie and Madison were intrigued by each other, and especially by each other's pacifiers.

We love you guys!

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