Friday, April 18, 2008

Time travel

Yesterday was Mom's birthday. Happy birthday (again), Mom! It also happened to be the day of Dad's last class field trip ever, so Mom, Amanda and I crashed it.

We went to the House in the Horseshoe and the old one-room schoolhouse. From riding the bus with the kids to almost breaking my back, knees and neck playing Poison River (Dad, I apologize for scoffing and insisting my flip flops were perfectly appropriate for that game) to just watching Dad in his element, it was a perfect day.

The pictures and especially the videos capture everything better than my words can, so here they are.

Mom with Dad's assistant, Mrs. Cameron, on the bus.

Sarah demonstrating a string trick.

The student-illustrated singalong book, which was put to great use on the bus.

Skylar, Lauren and Amanda in front of the House in the Horseshoe, which was the site of a Revolutionary War battle. We got a tour of the house, played with 18th-century-type toys, ate a picnic lunch and burned off some energy with a couple of games.

All of us made sets of clay marbles. Some (the third-graders) were better at this than others (me). It will be awhile before I think another "I lost my marbles" joke is funny.

After the House in the Horseshoe we went to the old Moore County schoolhouse, which is set up with old-fashioned desks, McGuffey Readers, etc. The tour guides at the House in the Horseshoe had told us how only a privileged few (mostly first-born sons) were educated back in the day, and they went through some of the rules students were expected to observe (no speaking without being called on, bow before addressing a teacher, etc.).

In this classroom, Dad played the role of a strict, harsh teacher -- the opposite of his usual demeanor -- and the kids loved it. So did I. Watch the videos and you'll see what I mean.

Dad, in old-timey teacher mode (hat and all -- the spectacles came out once he got inside), commanding the students to be absolutely silent as they enter.

The "school day" began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Students did their lessons ...

... and several were "punished" for various infractions.

This was hilarious -- utter chaos. Amanda remembered it from last year and gave me the heads up that I should start recording. If you watch only one video, watch this one.

After school let out, Dad and the class played tag, dodgeball and Poison River before returning to the 21st century and their real school.

I loved everything about the day. Thanks for letting us tag along, Dad!

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gail said...

A field trip with your wife and daughters, what a perfect ending to a wonderful teaching career.