Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A birthday list

Today's the birthday of one of my very favorite people, Lauren G. To celebrate, I propose a list:

25 things I love about Lauren G.
1. She sees a business opportunity in little girls and glow-bracelets on July 4.
2. She cries pretty easily and is beautiful when she cries (I'm so jealous of those people).
3. Her bright-yellow purse matches her Nalgene bottle.
4. She never makes lets you drink alone.
5. She might actually be more devoted to the Chick than I am.
6. She's a super-strong CrossFit rock star.
7. She takes spontaneous trips to Trader Joe's and invites me along.
8. She still uses her email address.
9. She loves "Closer" as much as Amanda and I do.
10. She has beautiful handwriting.
11. She says what she thinks.
12. She's going to teach me how to tie scarves.
13. She started a blog (and even wrote on it eight times).
14. She loves old downtown Southern Pines houses as much as I do, but she actually gets to live in one.
15. She's crazy about Paul and their babies.
16. She refuses to talk babytalk.
17. She is an unabashed snob about food and service.
18. She was a high school cheerleader -- unlikely but true!
19. She will hang out as late as anyone else will stay up.
20. She wants to have a serious Trivial Pursuit competition, as well as a yearbook party.
21. She makes London practice saying my name.
22. She brought Dylan to Stoneybrook when he was two weeks old.
23. She buys little things that remind her of you, like a lobster card when you're in Maine (and sometimes accidentally throws them away).
24. She doesn't worry about how clean her car is.
25. She bought Michael's out of star and heart necklaces.

Happy birthday, Lauren! We LOVE you!


Ally said...

That last photo is so fun. Sweet list.

Amanda said...

That picture is hilarious! Can I get in on Trivial Pursuit? Holla!