Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You tell me

I was going to write about how I went to the grocery store last night and bought cube steak and potatoes, then got home and got lazy and procrastinated and eventually persuaded Matt to let us go through the Cook-Out drive-through in our pajamas. But who wants to hear about that?

Somehow, that leads me to wonder: Are there topics that don't get enough attention on this blog? Opinions you want to hear? Backstories you're curious about? I'd love to hear your thoughts, and if you take the time to make a suggestion, I'll devote a post to addressing it.

Talk to me!


Kaitlin said...

I would like a list of your favorite races (running, obviously) and why!

Ally said...

I'm thinking. There may be a post on it, but I'm curious about your faith. Have you pretty much always been a believer?

You seem pretty involved in your community. Are you guys there to stay or could a move be in the future?

Lib said...

Hey Jennifer--

thanks for dropping by my blog. it looks like you live in Southern Pines? I was just there last weekend! My parents have a place in Pinehurst and I was back in NC visiting them! I remember driving by the Cook-Out and thinking it looked good.

the Southern Pines village is SO charming. loved it.

Nice to come across a fellow North Carolinian on the blogosphere! I'm living out in Utah right now and it was nice to be back in NC last week. (I'm from Charlotte).

Anyhow...I'll be sure to come by and visit your blog from now on!