Friday, July 18, 2008


Last night a few of us went to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie. Not something I normally would be excited about, but the more I thought about popcorn and Coke, the more appealing it sounded.

Then I remembered that I was supposed to go to CrossFit this morning with Lauren G. I pictured how that would play out (five hours of sleep, a body still aching from Wednesday, a stomach full of movie-theater popcorn and Coke -- and puke buckets all around). I reconsidered.

But then Matt got all sweet and persuasive, so against my better judgment, I went to the movie after all. And it was pretty good, by the way. I drank lots of water and didn't consume nearly as much popcorn and Coke as I would have without the CrossFit factor. We got home at 3 a.m. and slept until 8 or so, and I felt fine, just tired, so I did go to CrossFit.

Basically, I absolutely hate it while I'm doing it, and immediately afterward I love it. I signed up for my trial membership after today's class.

Matt and I were on our own for lunch today and Sidney Lowe sat right beside us at Jersey Mike's, of all places. We thought it was him but couldn't tell for sure because he wore sunglasses the whole time. As we left we checked out the parking lot and found a Jeep with an N.C. State license plate and a temporary golfing pass on the rearview mirror (the guy was wearing golfing clothes). Upon closer investigation Matt noticed a name on the pass: Lowe. Later we heard there was a celebrity golf tournament at Pinehurst No. 2.

Minor-celebrity sighting: confirmed.

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Ken Loyd said...

I hope to start leaving more comments now that I'll be in town for a spell. Have you considered a new category for Minor Celebrity Sightings? It could happen again any time!