Friday, June 20, 2008

I love getting packages

My e.l.f. stuff finally came today. Yes, it took a couple of weeks to get here and yes, they left out two of the items I ordered (charged me for them anyway) and yes, some of the stuff is on the small side, but seriously, I still got a lot of stuff for $11.

This might sound unbelievable but I don't think I've ever used up an item of makeup. Obviously, that can't be true, but I just do not go through the stuff. Mascara's the one thing I wear every day and I throw it out when it gets clumpy, but I've never just run out of it. Most of the eyeshadow I have, I've had since high school or even before. I'm sure that means it should be thrown out, but whatever. I'm probably jinxing myself and will have an eye infection by the time you read this.

I do feel pretty confident that I've literally never used up a tube of Chapstick. Unfortunately Lib's recently given up her legendary Chapstick collection (to include all kinds of lip gloss) -- and the accompanying Guinness World Record quest -- but for all the years I've known her I've used my Chapsticks until I got tired of them and then passed them on to her, still mostly full, even if I'd used them for years. She would then proceed to wipe them out in weeks! I still don't understand how that worked.

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