Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Raindrops keep falling on my head

I will know I'm really an adult when I start watching the weather and dressing accordingly. Until then I'm going to have more days like today -- not only should I have worn long sleeves, but out of the blue it started POURING down rain.

I own two umbrellas. One got misplaced in the move. The other is, I think, in the trunk of my car. Which renders it pretty much useless. Now I am cold and wet.

However, I'm happy it's raining. With every downpour I assume we're closer to having the watering restrictions lifted and being able to do our landscaping. Right now we appear to have built our house on a pinestraw island.

Last week the 10 free trees that I got for joining the Arbor Day Association arrived. Although I support the mission of the Arbor Day Association, I really only joined it for these freebies, which I figured would be useful in fulfilling No. 56 of my list, "Plant a tree every Arbor Day."

I didn't think this through very well. First of all, the trees were mailed to me last week. I don't know if I was thinking someone would arrive on my doorstep with a special delivery of trees on Arbor Day or what, but the package they come in makes it very clear you must plant them immediately. If you can't, you have to keep them in water for no more than three or four days, and then you really have to plant them. And the second very important instruction is to water them a lot. Which currently is illegal here.

For three days I kept my baby trees in water in a plastic Carolina cup. On Saturday I planted them but did not water them. It had rained the day before and the soil was still moist. I hoped that was good enough. If it just rains like this once a week until the water restrictions are lifted, maybe my trees will actually survive.

As far as my list goes, I'm not sure what to do. I feel like I've fulfilled the spirit of No. 56 in not only planting 10 trees but supporting the Arbor Day Foundation. But I doubt I'll technically be planting a tree on Arbor Day this year. Do you think it's OK to check it off my list anyway?


Amanda said...

For pete's sake, YES! Who knew about all the finer details?? In reality, it won't matter one lick which day you do it on, just that you do it. I say, cross that sucker off!

jennifer said...

Thanks Amanda and those of you who told me in person that I should definitely count these trees as my Arbor Day planting. Done.

Libba Lemon said...

I want to see a tiny-baby-tree picture! What kind are they?

Hurrah trees.

Anonymous said...

Since Mom and I are rapidly burning up trees, I say plant them as soon as possible. I hereby authorize you to receive full credit.
Love, Dad