Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here's a way to make my day

Someone bought one of my picture frames! One of the first ones I made, and one of my favorites.

It really made me happy to see $14 in my PayPal account. Not only did I have fun making this frame, but the $14 covers basically all of the costs I've incurred making all of them.

This is the first thing I've ever sold online and now I can check off No. 15!


Amanda said...

Congrats! That is very cool! I need to get my act together on my Etsy account and put up some more things!

Gail said...


Libba Lemon said...

Congrats!! I'm saving up for the black & white one :)

Actually, I bought 2 16x20s...any chance I can get you to do those for me? I'll pay for the expertise & artistry!

r8chel said...

Yay -- how exciting!! Was it bought by someone you know or a total stranger? Either way, congrats! :)

jennifer said...

Thank you people for being excited with me!

Lib - I made the b&w one for you (and will replace the oranges with lemons when I find a good picture). If it sells I'll do another, better one before your birthday! I'd love to play with the bigger ones and of course you don't need to pay me. I will be indebted to you for stuff like that for the rest of my life. Plus, I'm not that good. :)

Rachel - it was bought by a total stranger in Arkansas, a girl named Andrea. Twice as sweet that it's not a pity purchase (although my Etsy site and all the listings were plastered with "Make my day and be my first buyer!").