Saturday, February 9, 2008


The last few days have been a whirlwind. Work's been pretty busy, Melissa gave birth to Matthew Aaron yesterday and I have a new obsession, decoupage. I know, that's somewhere between cross-stitching and crocheting on the coolness scale.

I have been wanting to try decoupaging an old chair, if I ever come across one free or very cheap. And I have been playing around with the idea of decoupaging a desk that I was about to give away last week but ended up keeping. Both of those projects were a little overwhelming and large-scale for my first attempt at decoupage, but when I went into Swank earlier this week there were some really cute decoupaged picture frames and I was inspired.

Turns out this is a really cheap hobby, too -- my favorite kind! (I'm the girl who in sixth grade collected business cards. Because they were free, unlike stamps, trolls, Madame Alexander dolls, NKOTB memorabilia -- the things my friends collected.) I started out buying picture frames at thrift stores before realizing they are cheaper at Michael's. The only thing is, the Michael's ones (at least the $1 ones) don't come with glass.

I haven't even made a dent in the $5 bottle of decoupage stuff -- I have no idea what it's called. And I've used only pictures from magazines and catalogs that I either already had or got on a special recycling-bin dive Thursday afternoon. And that, Carrie, is why I was late to Body Pump that day.

So once I started making these things I started wondering what to do with them. I looked on eBay and there didn't seem to be much of a market, so I started an Etsy store: (Also cheap -- free to set up, 20 cents per four-month listing.) Go visit it! But do not pass judgment on the item descriptions! I know they are CHEESY, but it was harder than you might think, and I had to come up with something. I have new respect for the people who write the product descriptions for catalogs.

I'm thankful for the delicious 195 coffee Mom gave me, which is brewing right now!


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh - you are so talented!!! Uh, and also, what is Etsy? And can anyone put stuff up for sale? I tried selling my pictures on eBay and it seems no one wants to buy pictures unless they are from a famous photographer...

Libba Lemon said...

All week my browser hasn't let me open comments boxes. Weirdo computer.

Remind me & I'll bring you tonso-magazines this weekend!

PS-I want a black & white frame, do you take special requests!?