Monday, February 11, 2008

100 small things that make me inordinately happy

1. Clean sheets
2. Great quotes
3. Eating lunch with Matt every day
4. Friends' updated blogs
5. Trails in the woods, especially if I don't know where they go
6. Having 10 times as much recycling as trash
7. New-car-scent air fresheners
8. Touch-painting scuffed-up walls
9. People who kick off their shoes and stay awhile
10. Earning interest
11. April Adams bags
12. Kissing
13. Quark XPress
14. Cheap yard sales in good neighborhoods
15. Finishing the Sunday newspaper before Monday
16. Scrubs as pajama pants
17. Old stained glass
18. A new Anne Tyler book
19. Visiting somewhere outside of driving distance
20. Friends who are nothing like me
21. The CD mixes Amanda makes for me
22. Coke
23. My name. I love my name
24. Little kids running up and hugging me
25. The smell of clean laundry
26. Article clippings from Mom
27. March Madness pools
28. 7 for All Mankind long jeans
29. No-hassle return policies
30. Running in a summer rain
31. Dirty running shoes
32. People who will split a pot of coffee or a bottle of wine with me
33. An empty dishwasher
34. Restoring abandoned furniture
35. Cute magnets
36. Gas logs
37. Watching multiple episodes of "The Office" one right after another
38. Communion Sundays
39. Flattering sunglasses
40. February days that feel like spring
41. Ross shoe prices
42. The Villager's ranch dressing
43. Understanding the most basic Spanish
44. Vacuuming
45. People who call me to ask me how to spell "renaissance"
46. Wandering around arts festivals
47. The Carrboro PTA thrift shop
48. Attractive stamps
49. Not knowing the future
50. The indention on my ring finger from my wedding band
51. Waterproof mascara
52. Lists
53. "You have no new voicemails"
54. AP style
55. Singing "Hark the Sound" with other Carolina girls at weddings
56. Porch swings
57. Seeing Lib's handwriting
58. People playing with my hair
59. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day lemon-verbena countertop cleaner
60. Meeting a deadline by the skin of my teeth
61. Unsolicited thank-you notes from clients
62. Televangelists as entertainment
63. Facebook wall posts/MySpace messages/blog comments
64. J. Crew bathing suits, T-shirts and flip-flops
65. The week of July 4
66. Maple View Farm chocolate milk in glass jugs
67. Really good cupholders
68. Surprises (giving and receiving)
69. Real half-and-half and real sugar in my coffee
70. Board-game nights
71. People who play Hide and Seek well, take it seriously, don't mind admitting it and will play it with me
72. Free wi-fi
73. Flipping through my high school yearbooks
74. Finding Wilton Armetale at thrift stores
75. Reading two-dozen cards to choose the perfect one at Hallmark
76. Paisley
77. Awesome water pressure
78. Conner Kirby
79. Paying bills by automatic draft
80. Going to Chick-fil-a and knowing I'm probably going to see some Greaveses there
81. Hearing Matt argue against school vouchers
82. Toasts
83. Free refills
84. Knowing I could support myself if I had to
85. Sunday lunches at Granny and Granddaddy's, after everything's cleaned up and put away and the girls sit around the kitchen table and talk
86. Togetherness
87. The Fresh Market house coffee
88. Van Gogh prints
89. Felt feet
90. Shopping on Franklin Street, King Street and Broad Street
91. Book and movie recommendations from people who get my taste
92. No cavities
93. Stephen Davey sermons online
94. Being someone's person
95. Store-brand canned goods
97. Three bouquets of cut flowers for $12 at Harris Teeter
98. May 25
99. The New York Times most-emailed-articles list
100. Pottery Barn area rugs on eBay


Gail said...

This is a wonderful idea. I am making a list to give to my family since they are a big part of what makes me happy. It is amazing how easy this was. Thanks for the idea. Yes, your family makes me very happy, too.

Libba Lemon said...

It's amazing how much favorite-thing-overlap we have. I love it, all of it!