Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just got through with a mercifully short Realtors meeting and came straight to Panera Bread to finish yet another story that's due tomorrow. I figured I'd go ahead and knock it out so I don't find myself focused on storm-chasers rather than valentines tonight.

I LOVE sitting with a laptop at a coffee shop (a locally owned one would be preferable, but none of them have free wi-fi and free refills). I am so happy sitting here with Amanda's mellow mix in my headphones, sunshine streaming through the windows, my cell phone not with me, and a nice chunk of time to focus on this story. I also lucked into a really comfortable leather chair. And when I'm done here I get to have lunch with Amanda.

We had planned to eat dinner with Granny and Granddaddy tonight until she called me yesterday and asked me if I had realized today's Valentine's Day. Nope. We rescheduled for next Thursday.

Matt and I have never made a big deal of Valentine's Day, although I love getting flowers and a card and we both look forward to Mom's candy. When we were in college and then a few years later, when we lived in the capital city, we used to go to a little grill for Valentine's dinner. That place was just the slightest step above fast food, but we love it. Actually, a year ago tonight we drove there for dinner for old times' sake. Tonight I think we're going to use some of our Fresh Market gift-card money toward two big juicy steaks and a bottle of wine and we'll spend the evening at home. I'm looking forward to it.

P.S. At the Realtor breakfast I ate three pieces of bacon without batting an eye and didn't even realized that's a fried food until I was driving away. This has happened to me several times already and we're only a week into Lent. It's amazing how much fried food I eat without thinking, which is one reason this is a good resolution for me.

UPDATE: I confessed the bacon to Matt and he says it doesn't count as fried (even though it's cooked it in a frying pan). Thoughts?

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Lauren Greaves said...

Matt is right. Bacon is def. not fried. If the food product is not cooked/submerged in hot grease, butter, or oil then you are safe.