Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm back

The holidays and moving and all of my fun trips (Atlanta, Boone, Charlotte) are over, so I'm back to work and to a more regular blogging schedule.

Maybe, just maybe, we'll have cable and Internet at home on Wednesday. That's what Time Warner promised today after I sat through lunch (on hold on speakerphone) for half an hour. I hope so, but it's not quite as big a deal to me now that I'm back in a normal work routine and have Internet all day at the office.

Matthew, however, is a little beside himself because apparently good TV is about to return after the holiday reruns and he has a sparkling new 60-inch TV to watch it on. That's right, that's 5 feet wide (he explained that it doesn't work quite like that, but it's close) or in other words outRAGEously large.

This is how we came to have a flat-screen monster in our living room.

Matt has never bought a TV. We have three of them, but they're all hand-me-downs, 10 years or so old and two of them don't work very well. And a long time ago we agreed that he would buy a new TV when we moved into the new house.

So after months of researching he decided on a 60-inch Sony that supposedly is a TV-phile's dream and also wasn't very expensive. I told him to get it if he wanted it, BUT then we realized it was too big for our TV stand (the TV base fit fine, but each side of the TV screen would hang over the stand about 4 inches).

He agreed with me that that would look stupid so he was going to get a smaller 50- or 55-inch TV, which by the way is still quite large, BUT when he got online to order it he found that the 60-inch TV was on sale for $200 CHEAPER than the smaller versions. He took it as a sign and I couldn't really argue.

The best part is that it came with THREE NEW REMOTES, and everything I had learned about working our TV is out the window. I will take pictures.

All the guys who have seen or heard about it think it's awesome, and all the girls nod their heads and make sympathetic noises. I don't think I understand men and electronics, but Matt's happy, and that's good. And we did save $200, which is also good.

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Libba Lemon said...

I think I mentioned this in an email, but Matt's new TV has now come up in 7 conversations since you guys left Sunday. In fact, I was in the shower last night and Jorge was talking to me really loudly and motioning with his hands, trying to show me how much bigger the TV screen is than the glass around the shower.

Thank you, Matthew. (Just kidding. You know I'm really excited for you.)

I can't wait to come see you and for Jorge to meet the monster! I couldn't be more thrilled for your new haven, remotes & electronics included!