Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I love eating lunch outside

I don't get it when people complain about 70-degree days in January. 70 degrees is 70 degrees and it's the perfect temperature. It was appropriate for Boone to be 20 degrees when we were there last week (because there was snow on the ground), but if it's not going to snow I'd prefer springlike temperatures.

We had a cookout for Bible-study people at our house last night and although it was a little too cool by the time we ate to sit outside (plus we don't have porch furniture), Matt and I chilled out on the deck for a few minutes while we waited for everyone to arrive. I love sitting with my back to the neighbors, looking straight up into the night sky and seeing nothing but stars and the tops of the tall pine trees behind me. Also while we were out there we saw a deer.

We're going to be studying Hebrews this spring, which is a book I've always wanted to study, so I'm excited about that.


In 101 things news, Amanda made me an awesome hip-hop mix CD and it motivated me to create a good running playlist in iTunes. It consists of 113 songs, all of which I love and many of which I'm embarrassed to love (I named it "Shameless Favorites"). I think I have pretty eclectic taste in music because so much of what I like, I like purely for nostalgic reasons.

(Nothing is better than Amanda's customized CD mixes. I've been playing this one almost constantly since I got it, and Matt, who hates hip hop, has been walking around going "bump bump bump" for the past week.)

While I was in iTunes mode I also added several new CDs and I think all of my music, definitely all that I like, is now on iTunes. And I added my Pimsleur Spanish CDs. I got them a couple of years ago (off of Craigslist, for free), but I had completely forgotten about them until Matt discovered them in the move.

There are four CDs, each consisting of 30 30-minute lessons. I want to try to do them while running, if I can concentrate enough.


Libba Lemon said...

How big was the deer? Yay for Matthew rediscovering your Spanish CDs!

I never understood the power of music during exercise until yesterday. I borrowed Jorge's iPod and it increased my RPM by 30 on the elliptical. My legs were shaking when I finished. Who knew The Cure & Pantera could be so motivational?

PS-Are people motivating and things motivational?

jennifer said...

Re: music during exercise --