Saturday, December 29, 2007

Online in Hotlanta

We're in Atlanta visiting Dad's side of the family and therefore have Internet access tonight! It's been a quick but fun trip and we're heading back tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to another week of shameless slacking at work (the third in a row) -- Monday and Tuesday will be dead because of New Year's, then Thursday Amanda and I are going to Boone through Saturday (returning just in time to go to Lib and Jorge's Epiphany party Saturday night!). Sometime around mid-January I think I might actually get some work done. Especially in light of our big new mortgage. This extended break has been nice, though.

Have I mentioned what Matt gave me for Christmas? It was the best present ever. He gave me all 11 Anne Lamott books. She's my new favorite author, whom I stumbled upon earlier this year and loved immediately, but my efforts to read all her books have been thwarted by our library, which owns only seven of them.

I've been searching in thrift stores and used bookstores and yard sales for months and have never found a single book of hers, but Matt found all of them in Amazon's online warehouse of used books. I was so excited because not only do I now own all these great books (and I can underline in them now!) but four of them I haven't read yet.

After I wrote the last blog post about how we should have designated this week for the no-TV week since we don't have cable yet, Matt and I realized we had watched only one show since moving, a DVR'd episode of "30 Rock," and that was last Sunday. So tomorrow will make a week and I'll be able to check that off my list too.

Everyone keeps asking for house pictures and I promise they're coming, probably this week.

It's about bedtime but I want to say one more "Happy Birthday!" to Amanda. I'm so glad we got to spend it with you! I love you!

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