Saturday, March 31, 2012

Play away

If you know my dad, you probably know he's an amazing piano player and it's probably no surprise that his music was a constant backdrop of my childhood. Although he taught me the basics, he never forced lessons or practice on me or Amanda, which unfortunately means I never got very far (Amanda did). Amanda's always been the musical one -- she also plays violin and clarinet and sings -- but at various times in my life I've regretted not taking advantage of such an obvious opportunity to learn enough to enjoy playing.

Lately the urge to learn hit me again and this time it was coupled with the thought that I'd really like Claire and Evan to eventually learn to play if they'd like to too. I don't know how musical they'll turn out to be, but if you play only one instrument, the piano seems like a practical one -- no huge upfront investment is required, there's minimal maintenance, and you can play alone or with people. In other words, the piano is to instruments as running is to sports. Maybe. Kind of.

So I've been casually on the lookout for a piano for a while now. I wasn't willing to spend much money on one and I also was hoping to find one locally, which eliminated most of what was available on Craigslist. I could have bought a keyboard but didn't think that would feel nearly as cool or be nearly as motivating.

Thursday morning I had a few free minutes so I decided to run into Sandhills Coalition. Lo and behold, a piano was there -- with a $50 price tag. I was already sold, but in the interest of prudence I called Dad (who graciously came immediately to give his opinion). Matt arrived a few minutes later with final approval and cash, yesterday afternoon we got it home, and voila!

I've already gotten my money's worth.

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