Monday, February 20, 2012

More from Claire

On my salad: "What kind of leaves are in your bowl?"

While watching people work out through a glass wall at the gym: "Is that real or is it a picture?" I really liked this one because it reminded me of one of my earliest memories: watching "Sesame Street" and wondering if I'd be able to touch Big Bird if I could somehow break through the screen. Fortunately, I didn't try.

On Evan crying upon waking up from a nap: "Evan doesn't know how to climb out of his crib?"

When I referred to an acquaintance as "Heather": "No, her name is 'Isaac's mom.'"

While driving past the Pinehurst water tower: "I wish I could climb Pinehurst." "'Climb Pinehurst'? You mean the water tower?" "Yep."

"Please can I have a brownie? I love you so much."

"What shall we have for snack?" (Probably thanks to the song we all have stuck in our heads, "There's a Hole in My Bucket." The third verse begins, "With what shall I fix it ...")

Cat carrier = vet box

Tongs = snatcher

Peeling an apple = unwrapping an apple

Parking spot = car hole


Ken Loyd said...

Big smile from Grandpa at 10:30.

Libba said...

CAR HOLE???!!!! LOLOLOL. I totally threw back my head with that one!! I'll have to tell Josh that one; I know he'll like it. Those are awesome Claire-isms. She is so smart and funny. I'm excited for Nathan to get to that stage.