Monday, February 20, 2012

How to put off packing

I have started about a dozen posts in my head in the past two weeks but I never seem to make time to sit down and actually write them. Things have been crazy, mainly just with finishing up the house -- we're supposed to move on Saturday -- and I should definitely be packing right now, but procrastination's kind of my thing, so here we are.

The hoopla over Valentine's Day never ceases to annoy me (who in the world do those Kay's commercials work on?) but, as usual, ours was lovely. We have celebrated 16 or 17 of them together now and Matt well knows that overpriced flowers are NOT my thing. Even though I honestly have no expectations for the day, he always seems to do a little something to make it special. This year we grilled steaks and ate them with homemade potato chips. On his way home from work Matt also swung by the grocery store for chocolate-mousse ingredients and some other goodies.

Matt: "I was wondering if I'd get some looks from cashiers, buying flowers, champagne and whipped cream."
Me: "Haha! So did you?"
Matt: "I did self-checkout."

Unrelated: The new house is looking so fantastic. I don't usually get attached to houses, for obvious reasons, but this one is something special. I keep taking pictures but none of them have made it to the blog because by the time I get them off my camera they're already outdated. I will most definitely get some good ones in the next couple of weeks and post them here. Here are some pictures of the two vintage chandeliers I painted:
Office: Before


Breakfast nook: Before

 I LOVE how they turned out. My only regret is that the green chandelier, now that it's hanging in the house, really seems to bring out the green in the walls, and it's a little too much. So it's probably going to get a third life as yellow or blue, eventually. But that is waaaay down my list of priorities. Overall I'm thrilled with how much color we have in this house. We may have to tone it down some when we sell it, but right now there's no beige anywhere, and that's the way I want it.


Kaitlin said...

lovely chandeliers! and I applaud your lack of beige. I am looking forward to a full house tour. miss you! p.s. claire is adorable, as always.

Libba said...

ha! love matt's quote! that's great. can't wait to see this awesome house i've heard so much about.