Monday, December 5, 2011

Junk drawer

Correction: It turns out I had, after all, already started this blog when the first Reindeer Fun Run was held. I even wrote about it. I always think I've been blogging for "a few" years, but I guess it's more like half a decade. Crazy.

I have been meaning to post Claire and Evan's school pictures forever. I didn't buy them, but we were allowed to keep the proofs. They're quite accurate representations of how each kid reacts when asked to smile on demand. Someday I will have to scan and post Claire's MMO Christmas ornament from last year. She's dressed up as an angel, screaming her head off. So to get even this close to a smile was a pretty impressive feat for this year's photographer.

Tomorrow is Matt's birthday. We're going on a dinner date/Christmas-shopping date to celebrate, so I'm baking a cake right now so we can eat it for breakfast in the morning. This was my idea, but Matt didn't argue. Cake is good. And it's his birthday!


Kaitlin said...

yum, cake for breakfast. Happy birthday Matt!

we have been blogging for a while, huh? For the record - in case I never told you - you are the reason I started a blog. Thank you for the inspiration/addiction. =)

Amanda said...

What's really interesting is the change in the race since 2007 - from 400 people to over 2000?? And I thought it was very well-organized, although I'm sure it's not the same people doing it, it was a different location, etc. That's so cool - maybe in four years I'll be doing 10Ks like you!