Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dashing through downtown

So yesterday was the first Reindeer Fun Run in downtown and, as advertised, it was pretty fun. I felt sorry for the organizers because on top of the chaos that's probably inevitable the first time you stage such a large-scale production, the number of registrants exploded from 190 on Thursday to more than 400 two days later, on race day -- which they couldn't have anticipated.

The line for race-day registration was so long that the start of the race was delayed about 15 minutes. The unexpected turnout also meant that organizers ran out of T-shirts and goody bags. Luckily, our running club provided Santa hats with jingle bells for members to run in.

It was a hard run for me, maybe because it was so cold or because I didn't stretch or because I had a couple of glasses of wine and not enough sleep the night before, I'm not sure. Anyway, I started feeling really sick with about half a mile to go and then (this is disgusting) I finished the race with three or four blocks of running-slash-dry-heaving.

It was really embarrassing because of course that's the only part of the race where there were a lot of spectators, but there was nothing I could do about it. Thank goodness there was nothing in my stomach. I just don't know how to pace for a 5K.

Kaitlin beat me by about 15 seconds but we were in different age groups so we both got to go home with a gold-medal ornament. My time was about a minute slower than at the 5K we ran in June, but I think this was a harder, more uphill route.

P.S. Know what I love? Fresh Market coffee.


Kaitlin said...

next run will be better. you did awesome.

i will mail you those pictures when i can get to wifi.

i love fresh market coffee too!
we just bought some christmas blend yesterday. yum!!

Libba Lemon said...

a. hola, hair pic!?
b. where did the quotes link go?
c. congrats on the race!
d. let's exchange coffee for christmas.
e. should i be concerned that i just opened up my calendar to october? it took me 3 minutes to catch on.

jennifer said...

Li -- Yes, let's definitely do that for Christmas. Great idea.

And yes, you should be concerned about the calendar situation. You are hilarious.

I removed the quotes link because I'm not having a new one every week anymore, but the quotes file is still on the sidebar under "quotations."

Kaitlin -- What do you think of the Christmas blend? I want to try that. I guess I should sometime in the next three weeks. Maybe I'll just invite myself over to your house!