Friday, November 30, 2007

Progress report, day 3

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo! Whew.

I already am loving "101 things." The only one I've actually accomplished is No. 71, so far inspiring one person (Gail) to make a list of her own. Several other people have said they might do the same, or at least are going to join me in some of my resolutions. Fun.

Selfishly, my favorite thing about the list so far is the outpouring of offerings to help me reach these goals! Lib's offered to lend her sewing machine and join me for No. 65 (learning to hem). Gail wants to help with No. 47 (Dad's retirement party). I'm going to visit a Catholic church with Kaitlin (No. 18). Amanda surprised me at the office yesterday with FOUR books on learning shorthand (No. 37) AND a glow-in-the-dark book about constellations and their mythology (No. 64). Lauren's going to teach me how to drive a stick shift if I can find a car to practice on, and Kaitlin wants to do this with me.

I've come close twice already to getting to the bottom of those blue butterflies (No. 1).

On Tuesday I was going to ask a woman who was sitting in her blue-butterfly car in the gym parking lot, but she was on the phone forever and I started feeling like a stalker waiting for her to open her door. Then this morning I wound up in the lane next to a blue-butterfly car and I was going to try to catch the driver's attention, but I hesitated and then got a green arrow and had to turn.

Also this morning, I got fed up with my hair and called my hairdresser, who miraculously had a cancellation for an hour later, and now my hair is very nearly too short for a pony tail (No. 6). I figure I'll get it cut about an inch shorter in January and check that one off my list.


r8chel said...

I'm happy to see that you're doing this 101-in-1001 project too! It's fun. :) I'm going to the local synagogue this evening with some friends, so I'll be crossing #8 off my list...

Gail said...

I have enjoyed reading your blogs each day. Please continue. It is the first thing I read in the morning.
Thanks for all the neat articles.
Don't forget to call me when you start planning for the retirement party.

Ally said...

I'm impressed by your dedication. I flaked out the day before Thanksgiving. BUT I did finally respond to your tagging today. Happy weekend!

p.s. You should post a photo of your new haircut.

Amanda said...

I want to see your hair!!