Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Humpday dance

Sorry for the grumpy tone in yesterday's post. I was tired. Picture day went pretty predictably. We all overslept, and Claire went to school with dried lollipop drool in her hair. When the time came to pose, she refused. Being asked to perform for a stranger while lots of people look on is a perfect storm of things Claire doesn't like and it's a guaranteed formula for disappointment. Her teachers said that in the end, they think they got a smile. I'll scan and post the proofs when they come in.

We have gotten at least eight hours of sleep the past two nights, yet this morning I woke up feeling like a zombie and couldn't shake it. There was no time to make coffee and I'm still on the outs with Coke so I struggled through the morning. I wanted to nap during the kids' afternoon nap but I had too much work to do so I made half a pot of coffee and that helped. Running later this afternoon helped too -- so counterintuitive, but working out really is a great energy boost.

I think I have finally persuaded Matt to join the gym too. It seems like he should just be able to run outside at home (our treadmill's not hooked up here), and he did that some when the weather was warmer and the daylight lasted longer, but it's hard to have a consistent schedule. When he gets home, the kids jump with joy -- Evan bounces -- and squeeze his knees and want to play, and that doesn't exactly inspire him to head out for a run.

Ideally, he'll take his gym clothes to the office, leave work a few minutes early, get in a good workout  at the gym and still be home with plenty of time to hang out with the kids before they go to bed. On Saturdays we can all go together, which will be a good bonus day (we usually skip weekend workouts), and Claire's already looking forward to swim dates with him, too. I can't handle two tiny non-swimmers on my own, but with Matt there we could play with both kids in the pool.

This opens up even more reasons for me to love the gym, including: a) We can revive our racquetball rivalry; b)We can lounge in the hot tub together; c) We can do CrossFit workouts together. Winner winner chicken dinner!

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Amanda said...

When Stephen's one-month trial ended at the gym, he didn't renew it. He loved the gym machines but it seemed like we were constantly trading off watching the kids when they cried in the daycare, so both our workouts were rushed and exhausting. Two days before his contract ran out, we went to the gym to play racquetball with Jennifer, visiting from GA. We reserved the court for 45 minutes but when we got there they wouldn't let us play with her unless we paid a $10 fee. I understand why they have those rules but that kind of put him over the top of hating how much money they suck out of you for everything, and he didn't renew after that. Of course, he has free gym at work so there weren't really consequences to his actions! Anyway... this turned into a really long comment. Sorry!