Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unmarketable skills

I am really good at guessing what time it is. Even if it's been hours since I looked at a clock, I can usually guess the time within just a couple of minutes. Even Matt thinks it's impressive. I must have a good internal clock.

Unfortunately, I'm bad at estimating how quickly I can load two kids plus myself and all of our accoutrement into the car, so this skill does not help me be punctual.

I'm also good at the baby-shower game where you roll out a paper streamer to estimate the size of the baby bump. I have won quite a few party favors this way.

When we were in high school, Matt was shocked and amazed that I could identify the flavor of individual Skittles as I ate them, blindfolded, one by one. (He didn't believe me until I was thus tested.) He thought they all tasted the same, a la M&M's. Turns out his sense of taste isn't that great. Lucky me (he eats anything I cook)!

What useless skills do you possess?

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lacey said...

hahaha. i wish i had these mad skills. for some reason, i've been thinking a lot about the crepe paper baby bump shower game lately. i just think about it.