Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cutting it close

Matt and I had just finished dinner tonight when a big batch of editing came in. Individual articles trickle in all month long, but twice a month -- once for each magazine I edit -- I do a final proofing of the whole issue before it goes to press. I usually know when to expect them, but often they're a day or two or three late, which can be a little tricky to plan around, but no big deal.

Technically I have 24 hours to finish the batch that came in this evening (and part of the point of preschool is that I can work those three mornings instead of late at night). BUT I think and hope we will have a brand-new nephew any day now and I don't want to be scrambling to meet a deadline when I should be holding a squishy squirmy baby boy! Every morning that we wake up and didn't get a middle-of-the-night call from Carrie and Jacob, I'm surprised. It can't be much longer.

Matt made a big pot of coffee for us to share, put in a movie I didn't want to watch and settled in beside me on the couch. I love him.

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