Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I think enough time has passed that I can safely announce I've given up soft drinks. Probably not forever, because I'm not always great with commitments unless I believe they really matter, but I have not had a soft drink in about a month and so far I'm feeling good about it.

I'm kind of in crisis about the way I eat and feed my family in general, actually, thanks to watching too many documentaries (particularly "Food Inc.") and writing too many nutrition-oriented articles. I plan to write about all this in more depth at some point but right now I'm trying to sift through all the information out there and figure out what's factual, what's propaganda, and what it all might mean for our family.

That's not a post for tonight, though. It feels like Thursday already, and if not for NaBloPoMo I would be headed for bed right now.

My decision to eliminate soft drinks required no research. I've always drunk way too much Coke despite knowing how bad it is for me. One day about a month ago I just decided that was dumb. I now drink even more coffee in the morning, maybe sweet tea or orange juice at lunch, and lots of water throughout the day. I love love LOVE Coke, but it has no redeeming qualities. The truth hurts.


Amanda said...

I'm loving NaBloPoMo because I love hearing your thoughts on subjects that are so random I never think to discuss them with anyone. When Stephen was gone the only soft drink I had was at your house - I think I had two (one at our yard sale and one another time). At Hunter's party when we had a boatload of soft drinks I was curious to see if I would fall in love with Wild Cherry Pepsi all over again. I had a half glass of that and a half glass of Coke. I woke up with SUCH a hangover the next morning. I had some more that Sunday and Monday, so that the 2 liter would be finished off and I felt like I had the flu. I finally finished it and I'm not drinking any other of the leftovers. I guess my body just got used to not having that stuff in me and maybe I can't handle it that well anymore. But the way I look at it - $$SAVINGS$$!! (Sorry for the LOOOOONG comment.)

Weeks said...

Jennifer, I gave up Sprite. I drink tons of water and am generally pretty healthy with my choices, but two things stuck around and were rationalized "well, I'm so good in other areas of eating. This Sprite is a treat and it's no big deal that I still like to eat icing from the container. Yep. I admit to eating icing from the Betty Crocker container. So gross.
You are exactly right- it's just dumb. And you're also right- it's yummy. I love Sprite. I sometimes make plans to go to the movies so that I can pair Sprite with popcorn. Yikes! I don't even care what I'm going to watch. ha ha
Anyway, good job on being Coke-less!

Jennifer Kirby said...

Amanda -- interesting! I accidentally had a sip of Matt's Coke Zero instead of my tea at CFA the other day and the unexpected carbonation jolt was revolting. I have always pined after soft drinks when I gave them up for Lent, pregnancy, etc., so I was surprised to react like that. It's funny how the body adapts.

Heather -- it is absolutely hilarious that you go to the movies to drink Sprite with popcorn. That sounds like something I would do! The strength of food associations and habits can be incredible. By the way, are you still eating icing from the container? That was a little vague ... :)

Kylie said...

Food Inc! Almost wish I hadn't seen it! :)

Weeks said...

Re: Icing

No comment ;)