Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things I'm loving lately (Part 1)

1. The heat. OK, double digits would be better than triple digits, but I'll take summer temps over winter ones any day. I do not like being cold. Plus, summer clothes are so cute, comfortable and easy to throw together: Pick a sundress, add flipflops and you're dressed. There's no cold-weather equivalent.

2. Running. My SI joint issue flared up again in late June and I wasn't able to run for about six weeks. As of Monday, I'm back. I don't always love running while I'm doing it, but I MISS IT when it's not an option. Shout-out to Jason Clewis at Pinehurst Chiropractic. He is really good.

3. Claire's literal interpretations. A couple of days ago I handed her a carrot stick and told her carrots are good for your eyes, then turned back to whatever else I was doing. A few seconds later Matt nudged me and pointed -- she was carefully trying to insert the carrot into one of her eyes.

4. Evan's age (9 months). A lot of people love the newborn stage. I endure it; I don't love it. It's a lot of work with very little immediate gratification. A lot of diapers, a lot of breastfeeding, a lot of hard-to-interpret crying, a lot of post-pregnancy hormones, all being dealt with on very little sleep.

To me, 9 months is a major turning point. For starters, everyone's sleeping well. That alone is worth celebrating! Evan is crawling and standing up and able to explore to his heart's content. He can eat lots of different foods and be distracted with graham crackers and Cheerios long enough for us to enjoy eating out again.

He and Claire actually play together sometimes. He laughs at anything and everything, and his laughter is contagious. He can be slung around on my hip or plopped in a grocery cart; I don't have to lug that heavy car seat around anymore. This age is a sweet spot and in my opinion it just gets better and better from here.

5. Storytime at the library. Reading, singing and dancing, making crafts, mingling with other kids and other moms ... I know I'm not the target audience, but I think it's pretty fantastic! We've been going to the Monday morning one at the Carthage library (although now that we are technically living in Southern Pines the SPPL has allowed us to have library cards again, and one of these days I'm going to check out their storytime too).

After storytime we always spend some time perusing the children's books and deciding which ones to borrow. I love stumbling across books I loved as a kid but had totally forgotten about! My favorite find so far: "George and Martha," by James Marshall (also the author of the legendary "Miss Nelson Is Missing"). I still don't know what split-pea soup is.

6. Broker price opinions, or BPOs. Basically, these are simple drive-by appraisals banks hire real estate agents to complete. They don't pay that much, but it's the easiest money I know how to make, so I do as many as I can.

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