Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi again

Enough people have asked me lately if I've given up blogging that I figured I'd make a quick appearance. I miss blogging but it's such an all-or-nothing thing for me. This summer I've had less free time than, I guess, at any other time in my life.

Every day there are things that get left undone, but the good news is, most of them weren't that important after all. The days are never easy but neither are they boring, and it's nice to be busy with something that I know really matters: raising two tiny people!

Last night at book club Jax mentioned that some guy had told her recently, "You seem too smart to be a stay-at-home mom." (He meant it as a compliment.) Her response, which I thought was great, especially for the spur of the moment, was, "If all the smart people go to work, who's going to raise the next generation of humans?" Well said, my friend.

That's not to say I don't look forward to the kids' afternoon naps every single day -- I do! And I'm looking forward to September, when both kids will be in a preschool program for three hours three mornings a week. I'm hoping to devote that time to so-called "real" work -- that which I get paid for -- so those naptimes and my evenings can be reserved for more leisurely pursuits. Keeping up with laundry would be nice; reading would be better. Maybe some days I'll even sneak in a short nap of my own.

But for now, I'm trying to be intentional about savoring this season. And -- with the help of morning coffee, evening wine, copious amounts of prayer, a network of great friends and family and the BEST, most supportive husband in the world -- most days I'm able to. September will be here soon enough. Right now, my grass is green.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. No photos needed. Your final sentence says it all. Dad

Anonymous said...

What a great post. :) xoxo Lauren Michael Greaves

Libba said...

Great to see you again! I keep checking hoping for another poem, but a regular post is great too. :O) Yes, I thought more about Jax's fantastic reply and thought to myself "Yeh, so, you want all the kids to be raised by idiots, huh?" Great time last night and glad to hear you're savoring life.

Kaitlin said...

I love Jax's answer!!

Meg Martin said...

Just almost cried when I read "book club last night." Miss you friend! Glad to catch up on your life a bit :).