Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too little time!

Typing as fast as I can in this tiny window when both kids are napping. Matt and I spent Valentine's Day evening putting Evan's crib together in the bonus room so he can start sleeping in there (rather than in the little sitting room/closet off our bedroom). If you don't think that's an appropriate way to celebrate Valentine's, think again. We have yet to move up his dresser or anything else, but at least we have our bedroom back -- everything else can wait until the weekend.

This weather is giving me crazy spring fever! It's so gorgeous! Since Claire and Evan (all kids, probably) love being outdoors, we're trying to take full advantage. We've stopped by the park on the way to the grocery store a few times, and I've been running in the double stroller with them. It's not pretty (they're heavy!) but we all have a good time. Evan never makes a peep, but he stays awake. Claire sometimes sits silently for long stretches. Other times she points out every bird, mailbox, dog, house, stop sign, airplane, car, school bus, etc., that we see, and when we don't see any of those things she performs a litany of "Bird? Show? Look. It went away! Bye bye, bird." And on down the list.

Speaking of whom ... she's awake. Break time's over!

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