Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here's one thing to like about Duke basketball: A late game makes Matt stay up late, which means I stay up late and get to blog. The house could stand some straightening up and wiping down, but I already did that once today and don't really feel like repeating it right now. These real estate agents really keep you on your toes, cleaning-wise -- I've been surprised how many calls I've gotten asking to show our house in an hour (or 15 minutes, or "I'm sitting in your driveway ...").

Speaking of which, we relisted today, dropping the price about 10 percent from what it was originally. I've gone through most of the stages of Non-Selling Home, from surprise to indignation to frustration to embarrassment: A Realtor who can't sell her own house feels uncomfortably comparable to an overweight personal trainer, in a "Why would anyone hire her?" way.

Now I'm mainly just intrigued by the situation. We get plenty of showings and glowing feedback, and if anything are underpriced. I feel like either we have a huge blind spot that no one is willing to point out to us, or we just aren't meant to move right now.

Evan woke up to eat while I was writing this (surprise!) and now the game's over so although I have blog build-up in my brain I'm going to stop here. Claire has MMO tomorrow so if the stars align and Evan cooperates and I once again can overlook the disarray surrounding me, maybe I'll write some more in the morning.

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Kylie said...

sounds like you 4 are settling right in. I can totally relate on the selling of the house frustration. We went through all of those stages too. We are at the acceptance stage and realize we might be here for a while and maybe one option or for us is some cool renovations. or maybe not. we shall see. :)