Friday, April 23, 2010

MK at the GC

The other night Matt and I ate dinner at Golden Corral. I have to go there once in a while to remember that I don't really like it, certainly not for $9.99 per adult buffet. Even with the Chamber discount, that's pricey for what you get. The yeast rolls are like something sent from heaven, but otherwise, everything's very average.

Especially considering that Matt and I can eat at Outback for half that (thanks to the free blooming onion from the Dragon Card and the free dessert from the back of the Lowe's receipt) -- plus enjoy a tall beer on the outdoor patio.

Anyway, in the Golden Corral parking lot we saw not one but two Mary Kay Cadillacs. Matt thought they were just pink cars but I explained that they were a reward for women who sell an outrageous amount of Mary Kay products. My mom used to buy Mary Kay from a woman at church. Her name was Bunny.

As we walked inside Matt challenged me to a contest: Who can spot the Mary Kay ladies first?

It turned out to be no challenge at all. The glassed-off eating section was full of women who fulfilled all of my Mary Kay stereotypes. Big hair, costume jewelry, hugging to excess. There were also two men.

Awards were being given out to enthusiastic applause. Eventually a perky woman stood beside a confetti-covered table and started talking. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but I'm guessing it was inspirational. More hugging ensued. I felt like I was sitting in a Clyde Edgerton novel.

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Sallie said...

Cute. I try to avoid the Golden Corral as I usually try to eat my money's worth when I do a buffet, and my weight loss plan would be out the window then....I've always thought the pink MK cadillacs are funny, as I'm sure the group meeting was. Have you ever had GC breakfast? It's delicious. Miss you guys!