Monday, April 26, 2010

Bug juice

When we went to bed Thursday night the forecast was still looking iffy for camping, but by Friday morning it was entirely changed, predicting a gorgeous, sunny day and mild temperatures at night. And most importantly, no rain. After lunch we dropped Claire off at Mom and Dad's and went on our way. By the way, Claire enjoyed her staycation at least as much as we enjoyed being gone -- click here and here.

We camped (thus marking No. 91 off my 101-things list) in Uwharrie National Forest, which is somewhere I think everyone should go more often. It's less than an hour away but feels like a different world. We set up tent about a quarter-mile from a lake and spent the afternoon exploring some trails, then started the campfire around 5 p.m. and settled in around it.

We knew we'd forget something. Unfortunately, it turned out to be OFF. Fortunately, the smoke seemed to keep bugs mostly at bay, and Dad had provided us with plenty of wood to keep the fire going strong until bedtime (we even had enough for a morning fire).

It was a primitive camp site -- no bathroom facilities, no running water, etc. -- so in my opinion one night was the perfect amount of time. Just long enough to feel like you're roughing it.

Saturday, we ate a late breakfast at the Troy Bojangles, picked up Claire from Mom and Dad's, and got home with enough time for me to have a long hot shower before Meg's baby shower. It was a fantastic, refreshing getaway. Thank you again, Mom and Dad!


Ken Loyd said...

Thanks for sending all that web traffic to my blog. It's great that ALL of us had a grand time, whether we were on "vacation" or "staycation." And we DID.

Kaitlin said...

So fun! I'm glad you guys got to go camping. Ah, roughing it without facilities -- not my favorite, but definitely doable for a night. Although one of my favorite camping memories with Vinny is from Lake Ardmore State Park in Oklahoma, where we pitched a tent right next to a lake and didn't have facilities. Bummer about the bug spray-- I hate bugs!