Thursday, January 21, 2010


I don't know what is wrong with me but I am so uninspired to write right now! I have an article due that I've been procrastinating for a month and now I really need to get going on it, and not only is Claire asleep but Mom and Dad are here just waiting for her to wake up so they can play with her, and what am I doing? Blogging! No one pays me to blog! I wonder what it says about me that I don't work well without a deadline. Probably nothing good. Anyway, since I'm here ...

Yesterday I went Dumpster diving. (Did you know Dumpster's a proper noun, just like Kleenex and Band-Aid and SheetRock? Technically I should refer to these as trash bin and facial tissue and adhesive bandage and gypsum wallboard. But trash bin diving isn't half as catchy.)

I have, of course, done this before, but always for free magazines to read. Yesterday I was in search of coupons and I was really happy to find a decent amount. About half of them were ones I'd heard about but didn't have because last month my Sunday paper wasn't delivered for three weeks in a row.

On an unrelated topic, I have had the best luck with books this month, after quite a disappointing dry spell. I'm reading them very slowly because usually the only chance I have to read for fun is during my nightly breast pumping session (lovely). I highly recommend "A Praying Life," "Olive Kitteridge" and "Memoirs of a Geisha." I also read "Resilience" by Elizabeth Edwards and liked it but I don't know if I believe any of it -- I have been so disillusioned by the Edwardses. Ugh.

OK, I think I'll try to work on my real work now.


r8chel said...

I'm glad you were capital-D-dumpster diving for paper items and not for food!

Also, reading very slowly = 4 books in 3 weeks? Impressive!

Tracey Garner said...

Let me know what kinds of magazines you are looking for. We get tons here, and we just donate them to the library. Will save for you, if you like the ones we get. Family Circle, Redbook, Better Homes and Garden, Birds and Bloom, Country, Time, Reader's Digest, Newsweek, National Geographic and probably more.

jennifer said...

Rachel: Actually, a chunk of that reading was done in December, including lots of time in the car to and from Atlanta. But otherwise, you're right -- I guess 15 minutes at a time feels slow but it adds up!

Tracey: Thank you for the offer! I probably don't read magazines often enough to make it worth your time to save them for me (I haven't even Dumpster dived for them in months), but thanks for thinking of me!

Ken Loyd said...

I think the title "Procrastinating" is brilliant... cuz it will be appropriate until you QUIT procrastinating and blog again. (Just kidding-- I don't have as much time to blog as I used to, either)