Thursday, December 24, 2009


One of the best things about Christmas is all the great mail! For 11 months of the year most of what we get is junk and bills. Then December hits and suddenly the mailbox is brimming with pictures of adorable kids, long notes from friends, free address labels from charities and my favorite lotion.

YES, lotion! Yesterday I got a package addressed to me in handwriting I didn't recognize with no return address. I opened it and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a big bottle of my all-time favorite lotion, Nivea with the blue cap!
(I like Nivea with the white cap too, but it isn't the same.) I bounce from lotion to lotion because I love trying different brands and scents, but this has been my favorite since I was in ninth grade.

This random gift totally made my day. There was no note or any indication whatsoever of who sent it. I do have my suspicions. But as Matt pointed out, my No. 1 suspect would never pay for Priority Mail. So I'm stumped. And I'm not going to try too hard to figure it out, since she (or he, I guess) clearly wanted to give it anonymously. But I do know it's someone who either knows me very well or reads this blog -- or both -- since I mentioned in a recent post that I love this lotion.

If YOU are the mystery gift giver, THANK YOU! You put a huge smile on my face and inspired me to treat someone else to a similar surprise. If you want to reveal your identity, that would be great -- but if not, I understand.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!


Amanda said...

Boy, I get blamed for everything! I don't mind when it's something good though!

See you tomorrow! Love you!

Kaitlin said...

merry christmas! what was the postmark zip code? how fun, a secret gift!