Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lovely ladies

Yay for Thanksgiving! Lauren W. is in town from Omaha and Betsy is in town (or was -- she's already gone again) from Asheville and Meg and I got to hang out with them tonight. Claire was with us for the first hour or so, then Matt came (he was nearby, at Outback with his fam) and took her home. She was starting to fall apart at the end because it was about an hour and a half past her bedtime, and my attempt to make her take an extra nap this afternoon failed.

I was glad she came anyway because Betsy had never met her and Lauren had only once. I was also glad when Matt came to get her. I value uninterrupted conversation so much more now that I have a baby.

She fell asleep in the car on the way home so Matt put her in our bathroom with the lights out and the vent fan on. She's still there now, still in her car seat, still sound asleep.
Meg, Lauren and Betsy, I love you! Thank you for great conversation and hard laughter.
P.S. If anyone reading this has never tried Vito's white pizza, you should. Seriously.

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