Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was the least rushed Thanksgiving we've had in quite awhile, despite the fact that it was our first one with a baby. My family's Thanksgiving meal was at 12:30(ish) and Matt's family's, which is usually in the early afternoon, wasn't until 4 p.m. Usually we leave mine a little early and are a little late for his, but today we got to stay all the way through both of them. We even had time in between to sneak in a much-needed nap for Claire at home.

Our Sunday-only newspaper subscription merited us the special Thanksgiving paper and after I read it I glanced through the Black Friday sales papers. There are some spectacular deals, but I have zero desire to be among the crowds of crazies at 3 a.m. I like a bargain as much as anyone, but I also value sleep and sanity, and I don't need a new laptop, even for $198, or digital camera, even for $29, or toaster, even for $3.

So I'll be staying out of the stores tomorrow, with the possible exception of Rite Aid (toothpaste, shampoo, razors, deodorant and more for about a quarter after rebates and coupons, plus some free-after-rebate deals for Amanda's incredible Fed By Faith venture).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Amanda said...

I feel the same way! Bri slept until 7:30 and there was no way I was getting up before then to go shopping. I got to Rite Aid and Walgreens (yes, I got sucked back in for their 3-day sale) not until 9:15 and they still had PLENTY of everything. The sleep was worth it.