Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mushy baby girls

I've gotten out of the habit of posting cute baby pictures, but I actually had my camera handy when we kept Riley Saturday afternoon, and I had to share these with the world. Of all the many, many toys this girl owns, her favorite is an old pill bottle (don't worry, it's a prescription bottle that's hard even for adults to break into) filled with bubble gum. I think it's supposed to be a rattle, but she prefers it simply stuffed in her mouth. SO cute.

And this picture is from when Lib, Jorge and Ruthie visited a few weeks ago. When Amanda brought Bri over to meet the Armentas, we took the babies on a walk through the neighborhood with Lib's (AMAZING) BOB stroller.
I am not planning to get a running stroller. I think I'll appreciate the excuse to have at least a small chunk of time to myself every day, and I don't think any stroller would do great on trails, and I think I'll be doing CrossFit as much as running by August anyway. But if I change my mind, I'm probably going to splurge on a BOB. It was like pushing air.

The Baby Bjorn, by the way, was awesome too. It was my first chance to use this great gift and Bri loved it -- she slept the whole time. I'm a huge fan of hands-free baby-holding and I'll probably wear this thing out.


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Melody said...

Love that last pic! Is that a premonition-ish picture of you in the future? ;)

Amanda said...

Surely in a couple of weeks you will be back to posting baby pictures!! I hope, anyway.

That is my favorite picture ever.