Friday, May 15, 2009

Rah-rah Carolina-lina

Good times today visiting Chapel Hill with Lauren G. and little ladies' man Dylan. After taking care of official business we took a meandering route through campus to lunch at Foster's Market. Which we think has expanded over the years -- neither of us remembered it being so big.

Even though Lauren and I both went to Carolina, our time there never overlapped and we didn't meet until she moved to Southern Pines. It's always fun and seriously nostalgia-inducing to revisit what I firmly believe to be the world's best and most beautiful campus, especially in the spring.

After lunch we did a little shopping before heading home. Thanks for letting me tag along, GreavesES! :)


Ten days from today, unless we forget, Matt and I will be celebrating seven years of marriage.

One day we're going to write a best-selling relationship book that will make us rich and allow us to travel extensively. Matt will provide the wisdom and I'll edit. Just kidding, but we do have an outline.

To commemorate our anniversary, every day from now through May 25 I'll be posting a short Kirbylized hint for a happy marriage from the pages of our imaginary future best seller. And, bonus, an old-school picture of us.

Today's helpful hint: Don't compare your relationship with the ones you read about in Cosmo.

Today's flashback photo: Junior prom, spring 1996


Amanda said...

Number one: 7 years? No friggin way. Geeeez, time flies!!

Number two: Could your prom dress BE any shorter? Sexy legs!!

Ally said...

That's what I was thinking too....nice legs!

I'm impressed that you'll be posting every day too.

Congrats on your win! I don't see your email address on your blog, but if you look at my user profile my email address is there (so that you can give me your address; feel free to give me a business address or something if that feels safer--since I'm a stranger and all:). I'm happy to send music, and if you want some Keller sermons too, let me know.

Ken Loyd said...

I'm looking forward to reading the relationship advice. I'm sure it'll be good. A nice supplement to "The Love Dare" that we just completed a few days ago.